So many different kinds of things to make!

My delightful husband bought me two containers (the kind with a million colors) of Perler beads for Christmas several years ago. I assured him I could just sort the colors and then I’d be able to make whatever I wanted.
I was far too optimistic.
It took me something like four years to sort through the first container, (though the addition of children certainly didn’t help,) and so I didn’t actually begin making pixel art until about three years ago.
I made the most basic of sprites, to begin with. Classic 8-bit characters which evolved as I experimented with how to add more details. And when I realized that to create many of the things I had dreamed of doing would end up gigantic we found the Artkal mini beads.
Since then it’s devolved into a series of “Can I actually make that?” attempts (and some failures.) What had started as a hobby has become a passion.
I love seeing what I can make, seeing what others have made, and trying my hand at creating my own patterns. As our house began filling though we wondered what we’d do with all of them…and then a friend saw one of my pictures and asked “How much do you want for it?” and an opportunity was born.
I don’t pretend that my creations are the epitome of pixel art. I am after all using plenty of patterns that others have created. But I love it, and I’m excited to share that love.